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Can’t make a phone call but really want to order your favorite pizza so it’s waiting for you after the meeting? How about scheduling an appointment with your doctor outside of office hours because you’re finally willing to admit your back won’t help itself? Need to check up to the minute info on your favorite band because you’re on the way to the show but forgot exactly where it is? Or how about ordering more hot towels to your hotel room door? There’s an app for ALL THOSE THINGS.
Universal Apps is a gateway to access any application made on the eCloudBiz family of platforms. What’s eCloudBiz and what does it have to do with your favorite pizza? Great Question! eCloudBiz is a Mobile App company that has built a few industry specific websites where anyone can go to create free custom apps for their business. Interested enough to keep learning?...
Do you create delicious and desirable dishes? Head to http;//www.BuildRestaurantApp.com
Provide weary travels a place to lay their heads in comfy beds? http;//www.uXenia.com is for you!
Compose magnificent sounds that need to be played from mountaintops and mobile phones? Check out http;//www.Makeitrock.com
Do you save peoples’ lives? Head to http;//www.DoctorPalm.com
Universal Apps shows all the Apps that are created using the eCloudBiz dashboard. Using the Dashboard, mobile applications can be created in minutes, allowing companies to have apps with functionality across Android and iOS mobile devices. eCloudBiz, can enable business to “take the wheel” and have complete, real-time control over there app and the content on it.
eCloudBiz brings to Businesses:
* Customer Engagement Tools such as Food Ordering, Loyalty, Talk, Coupons/Special Offers, and Push Notifications
* Powerful apps with user accounts
* Mobile Scheduling for Service Providers
* Surveys featured on your app
* Ability to Create and Manage apps online that require No programming knowledge or developers

eCloudBiz allows users to utilize local business apps to:
* Book table reservations
* Schedule appointments with your service providers
* Place mobile food orders
* See restaurant menus
* View published coupons/special offers
* Fill-up last minute Cancellations or No SHOWS using provider scheduling
* View upcoming events
* Participate in Customer Loyalty Programs
* Post messages on Talk, a proprietary message board.
* Have access to media
* Access all social media sites

With eCloudBiz cloud apps, businesses can communicate with current and potential customers easily and affordably. We streamline all applications into easy to use software so businesses can concentrate on increasing revenue and delivering quality service while leaving the technical work to the experts at eCloudBiz.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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