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Soliton Systems
1.2.4 Varies with device
「Soliton KeyManager(ソリトンキーマネージャー)」は、(株)ソリトンシステムズが開発・販売する「NetAttest EPS-ap(ネットアテストイーピーエスエーピー)」と連携し、Androidの認証情報ストレージにデジタル証明書をインストールすることができるアプリケーションです。インストールした証明書は、無線LAN、VPN、強力なセキュリティ機能を備えたWebブラウザ「Soliton SecureBrowser(ソリトンセキュアブラウザ)」等で使用できます。

※アプリの権限について(Android 6.0以降)
Android 6.0からアプリの権限がインストール時の許可から実行時の許可に変更されました。
Soliton KeyManagerは、「電話」の権限を要求いたします。


・NetAttest EPS-apでデバイスチェック機能(UDID/APIDチェック)を
詳細はSoliton FAQサイトを参照してください。

・NetAttest EPS-apへのデジタル証明書の申請およびデジタル証明書のインストール機能




※Android 4.3以降、証明書は利用用途ごとに格納先の指定が必要です。
 「証明書の名前を指定する」画面の[認証情報の使用] メニューで[VPNとアプリ]または
 [Wi-Fi] のどちらかを選択する必要があります。

■NetAttest EPSについて

■Soliton SecureBrowserについて


"Soliton KeyManager (soliton key manager)" is to install the (stock) Soliton Systems, development and marketing cooperation with the "NetAttest EPS-ap (net attested EPS by API)", digital certificate to Android authentication information storage it is an application that can. Installed certificate, wireless LAN, VPN, you can use a powerful security feature with a Web browser "Soliton SecureBrowser (soliton Secure Browser)" and the like.

※ For the authority of the app (Android 6.0 or later)
From Android 6.0 app's permissions have been changed to permit at the time of execution from the authorization at the time of installation.
Once permitted the authority, or you can user to disallow after.
Soliton KeyManager, we will request the authority of the "phone".

[V1.2.2 Note to customers using the previous version]
It was implemented the ability to use both the APID to match the storage destination of the certificate than V1.2.3.
Thus, APID is that has been used in the previous version V1.2.2, in V1.2.3
It will be used as APID for "Wi-Fi".
Guests of the use in the following environment, please note in operation at the time of certificate re-acquisition.

· NetAttest device check function in the EPS-ap a (UDID / APID check)
It uses, and acquired certificate: the "certificate store VPN and application"
It is stored
When you update a certificate "certificate acquisition (pre-authentication)," "use of the authentication information" on the screen
In Select the "Wi-Fi",: and stored in the "certificate store VPN and application"
Please give me.
Please refer to the Soliton FAQ site for details.
Or, according to the instructions of the administrator, using the new APID, please apply again.

■ Function
· NetAttest application and installation function of the digital certificate of the digital certificate to the EPS-ap

And distribution function of the wireless LAN configuration
You can distribute the wireless LAN settings, such as EAP-TLS to the terminal.

· MDM function
Acquisition of device information, the acquisition of installation application information, remote lock, remote wipe

Configuring the Web clip

■ operating environment
Tested corresponding Android Version: 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1 / 6.0
※ Android 4.3 or later, the certificate must be specified in the storage destination for each purpose of use.
"Specify the name of the certificate" in the use of authentication information menu on the screen [VPN and app] or
You need to select either of the [Wi-Fi].

■ NetAttest About EPS
Product details, please check here.

For ■ Soliton SecureBrowser
Product details, please check here.

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Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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