DarHung Inc. (original from DARTIEE Inc) was founded in 1972 and headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan. DarHung’s main products include Deform Bar Cutting and Bending Equipment, and steel equipment related products. Anticipated the trend of the industry, We have developed products including Deform Bar Auto Bending Equipment, Auto Cutting Production System, etc.. We’ve also received excellent feedbacks from customers. Other than manufacturing and selling products, we also provide solutions to our customers.

Based on customers’ needs, we analyze and propose the best solutions to customers.

1. Shear Equipment for Fixed Length Steel - Fixed Length Cutting of Long Material、 Fixed Length Cutting of Short Material、 Product Output and Input Mechanism 、Transverse Feeding Machine 、 Steel Bar Sorting Machine 、 Steel Bar Lifting Machine

2. Steel Bend Forming Equipment- 5 Head Auto Bending Equipment、 2 Head Auto Bending Equipment、 6 Head Auto Bending Equipment、 Automatic Stirrup Bending Machines

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