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A RingWord is like a domain name for your phone number.

A RingWord is any word, words, phrase or slogan you choose that is easily remembered. That word, words, or phrase is associated with all of your business or personal contact information. Your “word(s)” are associated with your phone number(s), web site(s), Twitter account, Facebook account, Instagram account, videos, email addresses, and currently running advertisement.

Your RingWord will increase your business and sales.

Instead of wasting precious air time advertising your phone number, (that no one will remember anyway) get a RingWord. Your RingWord is memorable. It describes your company, your product, your service or you. Customers will remember it and can easily find out how to contact you. Don’t spend half your budget advertising this: 1888-555-7362, advertise this: RingWord “flowers”

Radio advertisers in particular will find they have more time to advertise their product or service and their customers will remember how to reach them, by RingWord. Customers will be pleased because they aren’t berated by phone numbers and they will be able to find you and your products.

Our mobile app allows for easy entry and search in Android devices via text, and on some devices by dictation. You simply enter the RingWord "word or words" into the text field and click. A profile will appear for the business or person with their sales number highlighted for easy 1 click ordering. The next time you are driving and hear an ad on the radio, you won't have to remember their phone number, simply enter their RingWord.

If you want a personal RingWord, such as your first name, first and last name or nickname

Account holders can see how beneficial a RingWord is by viewing their hits in their account view. RingWords can be resold at a profit through the web site or our companion site: RingWordAuction.com

You will never remember a phone number, but you will always remember a RingWord.

Content rating: Low Maturity

Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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