Automated Shift Reports
Shift Reports Varies with device
Do you need to put a stop to cashier theft at your business! Do you own or operate a retail business such as a gas station, convenience store, or a coffee shop - and have cashiers employed to keep track of their shift report details that are currently being recorded on a note pad, or a form you have your cashiers fill out on paper?

If so, then the Shift Reports app is your answer to hold accountable your cashiers on their cash drawer, cigarette counts, online lotto and scratch off ticket sales.

Shift Reports delivers you seamlessly the insights you have been looking for without the stress of being confident in your calculations as soon as a shift is submitted. Get immediate notifications when cashiers are short on their cash, lotto and cigarette counts.

SHIFT REPORTS automatically creates each shift...
When a cashier logs in they will be prompted to select an available shift time for that day.


As a business owner or manager that employs cashiers to collect cash for the store sales - you need to know if your cashiers are short on their cash to account for.

After the shift has been successfully submitted by your cashier, the manager will be able to enter the cash counted for that shift and Shift Reports will provide you with a detailed report on any cash shortages for each cashier and shift.

All the analysis and calculations are on us. No more being backed up for days and weeks to calculate the shortages. You have the right to know as soon as possible if your cashiers are shorting you so that you can take immediate action before your profits disappear with your slick cashiers.

GET the app now before you lose more of your profits.


Do you honestly have enough in your day to try and add up of all those cigarette count numbers your cashiers write down on paper and then try and calculate them to determine if they were short or not?

SHIFT REPORTS can save your time and sanity. We do all the hard work by collecting all the numbers and crunch all the math for you.

In fact, we'll even send you a notification as soon as your cashier submits the shift report via text message or email if they are short.


Reconciling the lotto sales are another monster to try and figure out. Comparing numbers from your lotto machine's sales report and your pos numbers can be a daunting task, especially if you don't like math.

SHIFT REPORTS collects all the lotto details from the app and analyzes all those crazy numbers you don't have time for nor care to do.

How much longer are you going to wait to get your lotto numbers straight and reduce lotto theft from your cashiers? Sign Up today and save your lotto sales.


Check lists are coming soon. Check lists are used by cashiers to check off their duties and responsibilities when they open their shift (i.e. count cash drawer), during their sift (i.e. sweep and mop floors), closing their shift (i.e. count the lotto scratch-off tickets), and any other tasks that may apply during a shift - all designed custom for your store(s).


Counting Phone Cards are coming soon.


Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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