2.2.2 Varies with device

・画面タッチによるPT操作に対応(CANON ネットワークカメラのみ)

■ ご注意

● NexCameraSystemの特徴


● NexViewerの機能
- live映像、relive映像の再生
- サムネイル画面の再生間隔(1-10秒)の設定
- live映像の再生間隔(1-10秒)の設定
- スリープ機能における自動ロックのON・OFFの設定
- サムネイルの表示ユニット数の設定
- サムネイルに表示する画面の選択
- 表示する画面のアスペクト比率の選択
- カメラのPTZ操作

nexViewer2 is an application NexCameraSystem only.
Customers who have contracted with our company, you can download from here.

■ The difference between NexViewer
· 100 units in the number of thumbnails that can be displayed in the same screen
-Screen ratio, display interval can be set for each group to be registered in the ViewSet
• The PT operation by touch-enabled screen (only network camera CANON)
· To allow a Riraibu playback slider operation, fixed back 24 hours winding
Digital zoom can

■ Attention
Not available in this app alone.

● Features of NexCameraSystem
Generates the video at NexServer, images taken from the IP camera at any time.
Traffic is stable because it is performed by server-driven, you can connect 100 units thing IP camera NexServer one set.
Furthermore, in order to convert to H.264 format high-quality, high-compression, the capacity of the data is overwhelmingly lightly videos that you have saved.
Turtle because the configuration is simple and that, running costs and initial costs for the introduction is suppressed
Since the expansion of La also simple, and it is a product that is easy to very maintenance.
Environmentally friendly for humans at low cost and high performance, it is a camera system.

By using the NexViewer, you can play live real-time video, relive the video of the previous 24 hours.
I can perform the video playback of H.264 format from browser.
You can even from outside the network and browse by way of the web.

● Function of NexViewer
Play - live video and relive the video
- Set playback interval of thumbnail screen (1-10 seconds)
- Set playback interval of live video (1-10 seconds)
- Set ON · OFF automatic lock function in sleep
- The setting of the display unit number of thumbnail
- Selection of a screen displaying the thumbnail
- Selection of the aspect ratio of the screen to be displayed
- PTZ operation of the camera

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 3.0 and up

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