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Innovate 2013


ようこそ、ビジネス視点でとらえるDevOps の世界へ

経営を取り巻く環境がかつてないスピードで変化を続ける中、企業が生き残っていくためには、自社のビジネス・モデルや取り組みをダイナミックに変化させていく必要があります。そのためには IT のパワー、とりわけ、変化への対応を迅速かつ柔軟に実現する優れたソフトウェアが欠かせない存在となります。そこで、いま注目されているのが DevOps です。

IBM では、DevOps を 「Dev (開発)」 と 「Ops (運用)」 の2つの部門の連携強化に限定せず、企画から開発、運用を経てユーザーからのフィードバックを次の企画に反映するという「ソフトウェア・ライフサイクル全体の最適化と迅速化」ととらえています。これにより、市場が求めるものを、市場が求めるスピードで提供することが可能になります。

Innovate 2013では、上記のDevOps を実現するさまざまなソリューションの紹介を中心に、ソフトウェアがリードするイノベーション実現のための道筋を具体的に提示いたします。






また、iPhone, iPadでは画面下部、Android版は画面上部のボタンで表示切替すると、マイスケジュールに登録したセッションのみに絞り込んで表示することができます。






Android 2.3以上

Innovate 2013

It is an application that can read the event information to IBM Japan, Ltd. operated.

Welcome to the world of DevOps to capture the business point of view

While you continue to change at a speed unprecedented environment surrounding the management, in order for companies to survive, you must go by changing the dynamic initiatives and business model of its own. Power of IT, among other things, it is the presence of good software to achieve a rapid and flexible response to change is essential for that. So, is DevOps has been spotlighted now.

At IBM, as reflected in the planning of the next user feedback through not limited to strengthening cooperation of the two departments "Ops (operation)" and "Dev (development)" and the DevOps, development from planning, the operation " I am considered as a faster "and optimization of software life cycle. This makes it possible to provide at the speed demanded by the market, the one demanded by the market.

At Innovate 2013, focusing on the introduction of a variety of solutions that enable the DevOps above, we presented a concrete path for innovation implementation software to read.

■ schedule
October 28, 2013 (Mon)

■ venue
Royal Park Hotel (Tokyo Suitengumae)

■ Organizer
IBM Japan, Ltd.

Introduction of the function
■ Event Summary, introduction sessions, exhibition introduction
I can view session information, exhibition information.

■ My Schedule
Tap is displayed session details the Schedule, session to session and participation to be worried about, it is added to my schedule.

■ timetable of sessions
The time table function is available for testing session for one day. You can also go to the detail screen for each session.
In addition, iPhone, the bottom of the screen in the iPad, Android version and display toggle button at the top of the screen, you can, you want to narrow down the only session you have registered in my schedule.

■ It is transferred to the terminal calendar My Schedule
I can be transferred to the calendar of the terminal a lecture that you registered in my schedule.
I can set the notification time and the presence or absence of alert notification.

■ lecture notes, exhibition notes
You can leave notes about the exhibition and lecture.

■ Booth bookmark
You can register to bookmark the exhibition booth to be worried about, it can be accessed quickly from the screen of the exhibition booth bookmark.

■ site navigation
Show me the venue map the location of the exhibition booth and venue of each session.
※ at the venue map, tap the booth elsewhere, the booth information is displayed.

■ information sharing
I will send to E-mail/Twitter/Facebook/Evernote.

Supported OS version
Android 2.3 or higher
※ There is the possibility that not start the app, events such as the app you start does not operate normally occurs in some terminals.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3 and up

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