EX-TREND武蔵 どこでも写真管理
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『EX-TREND武蔵 どこでも写真管理』は、撮影した写真を確認しながら工種分類名と撮影箇所名を写真情報として追加し、

■ アプリの主な機能

『EX-TREND武蔵 どこでも写真管理』の主な機能をご紹介いたします。




■ 『EX-TREND武蔵 写真管理』と連携した写真と情報の活用

『EX-TREND武蔵 写真管理』と連携することで、さらに便利にお使いいただけます。

  『EX-TREND武蔵 写真管理』で作成した工種分類ツリーと撮影箇所ツリーを取り込むと、取り込まれた名称が写真の仕分けで表示されます。

  『EX-TREND武蔵 写真管理』で取り込む際には、入力した写真情報を元に自動的に仕分けされて写真が取り込まれます。

■ ご案内


  新技術名称 :工事写真管理システム
  登録番号  :KK-130023-A


『EX-TREND武蔵 どこでも写真管理』について

『EX-TREND武蔵 写真管理』について


■ 検索キーワード

写真管理, 土木, 施工, 工事, 福井コンピュータ, EX-TREND, 武蔵

"This app is NETIS registration technology."

The "photo management even EX-TREND where Musashi", add as a photo shoot where the information and the name of Engineering species classification name while checking the pictures taken,
It is an application that can perform the sorting pictures.

■ The main function of the application

I will introduce the main features of "photo management even EX-TREND where Musashi".

I display a list of (1) Photos
• You can change the folder where the photo is located.
• You can filter the photos you want to display, such as sorting by date and state.
• You can check on a thumbnail to see whether it is sorted.

I sort (2) Photos
• You can give large classification, division, Engineering species, type, and Engineering species classification names of five layers of fine another.
• You can Engineering species, kind, is switched to the management system of the three-tier fine another.
• You can attach a name taken place.
• You can name you entered is stored in the terminal, and select from a list at the input of the next time.
• You can check the attributes, such as size and file name of the photo.
• You can enter annotations and photo title.
Swipe operation to be switched photo display of even weak, I am with a switching button.
- Photos only appears when you tap, it is easier to check the entire photo.
• You can check the shooting position with the shooting date and time always.
• You can see the difference between the travel distance and the difference of shooting time with the photographs displayed on the previous one.

Function (3) Other
• You can email send photos and information by sharing photos.
• You can view the map on the photo that was taken with a GPS location information, to confirm the point you have taken.

The ability to take a picture does not stick to this app. Upon photography, and of the standard terminal
You will be able to use to continue as it is a camera app that familiar uses your camera or app.

■ use of information and photos in conjunction with "EX-TREND Musashi photo management"

By linking with "EX-TREND Musashi photo management", you can use it more convenient.
It uses online storage service "Dropbox" to use the linkage function.
Dropbox account you will need to have you use (Dropbox. Questions about Dropbox is
We ask that you contact support for Dropbox. )
You can be asked to take advantage of the cooperation work with Wi-Fi communication to the user like for you do not have an account with Dropbox.

(1) sorting work is convenient
When you import a shooting location and tree species engineering classification tree that you created in "EX-TREND Musashi photo management", the name that was taken will be displayed in the sort of photograph.
You can do the sorting there is no need to enter a new name, just select from a list.
Further, since the consideration of the hierarchical relationship and displays the position can be easily selected by the color names are preferred from the name of the upper hierarchy.

Coordination of information and photo (2) Photographic Images
As you take in the "EX-TREND Musashi photo management", the picture is taken is automatically sorted based on photo information that you entered.
Anywhere be carried out at any time sorting in the way of mobile terminal, you do not need the sort of work in the person of the PC.

■ Guidance

This app is registered to NETIS.

New Technical name: Construction photo management system
Registration number: KK-130023-A
System Description: This technology is technology that can be managed in conjunction with the storage services of cloud-based construction photos taken with smartphones.

We have introduced more about "EX-TREND Musashi" in the home page Fukui computer Co., Ltd..

For "photo management even EX-TREND where Musashi"
http://www1.fukuicompu.co.jp/products/extrend/musashi/photo.html # docosha

For the "EX-TREND Musashi photo management"

For the "EX-TREND Musashi series"

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