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名刺管理アプリbiz compassは写真を撮るだけで名刺をデータ化、管理できる法人様向けサービスです。撮影した名刺は専門オペレーターが名刺の内容を直接入力するため、正確なデータ化を実現します。また、取込まれた名刺は通常24時間でデータ化され、自在に整理・検索できる状態になります。名刺の連絡先情報やメールアドレスを手入力する必要はもうありません。電話、メールでのアクセスなども1タップで可能です。

biz compassアプリの主な機能

biz compassアプリの主な特徴

アプリで登録・編集した内容は、PC版biz compassへリアルタイムで反映されます。




biz compassは名刺を登録・検索・表示することのみを考えて生まれたシステム。「もしかしたら使うかも?」といった機能はすべてカットし、シンプルでわかりやすい、すぐに使える機能を用意しました。

●biz compassをご利用頂くには、管理者から配布されるbiz compassアカウントが必要です。

Business card management app biz compass data of the business card just take a picture, it is a corporation for services that can be managed. Captured business cards for professional operator to input the contents of the business card directly, to achieve accurate data reduction. In addition, the captured business card is the data of the normal 24 hours, it is ready to organize and search freely. The need to manually enter contact information and e-mail address of the business card no longer. Phone, is possible with even one tap such as access by e-mail.

The main function of the biz compass app
● business card free word search
● accurate data the business card described information and handwritten notes
* Japanese, English, corresponding to the business card of Chinese (best effort)
● automatic of the same business card name identification
● business card data editing / incidental information management
● phone in one tap, e-mail of the start-up is possible

The main features of the biz compass app
▽ simple operation
Full name, company name, you will find such as target business card is easy in the only free-word search department.
Phone from the search results, e-mail startup, is available in the map display is one tap.

▽ can also be used in the smartphone even PC
Edits registration and in the app are reflected in real time to the PC version biz compass.
In the office, on the go, you can use the easy and convenient.

▽ to manage multiple title "getter function"
If you have more than one title, the management of "Do I got any business card at any title" is very. Those concerns be resolved in "getter function". It registered the title at the time of receiving the business card data. You can manage all in one account.

▽ OCR by professional operator
Professional operator of the business card image on the basis of inputs the contents of the business card directly, performs data reduction. Japanese, English, corresponds to the business card of Chinese (best effort), business card described information in their own language, of course, into data to handwritten notes.

▽ to protect the "personal information"
By the data of the business card, significantly reduces the opportunity to be treated as "things" to reduce the risk of when to carry around. To minimize the possibility of misplaced lost or business card is a personal information.

▽ cut the extra features
biz compass was born thinking only to register, search, and display a business card system. Cut all functions such as "may use Maybe?", Simple and easy to understand, we have provided a ready-to-use features.

● In order to use the biz compass, you must have the biz compass account to be distributed from the administrator.
● This app is PHABLET / tablet terminal is not supported. Download only target device has become possible.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 3.0 and up

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