Biz Prefix
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2.1.0 Varies with device
「Biz Prefix」は設定したプレフィックス番号を発信時に自動的に付加するアプリケーションです。

・「Biz Prefix」アプリケーションの“連絡先”は、標準アプリケーションの『連絡帳』に電話番号を入力されている氏名を表示します。
・「Biz Prefix」アプリケーションの“連絡先”から発信した場合、発信時に利用したPrefix番号を付与して、標準の『連絡帳』アプリケーションへ番号を自動で追加登録できます。
・「Biz Prefix」アプリケーションの“連絡先”詳細画面で、かけ先の国の現地時間の表示設定ができます。
・「Biz Prefix」アプリケーションの“発信履歴”アプリケーション内からの発信を“日付順”または“回数順”に表示できます。

・Prefixは記号( , (カンマ)/ * (アスタリスク)/ # (シャープ)等)も設定可能ですが、機種によりご利用いただけない場合がございます。

1.「Biz Prefix」アプリケーションを起動します。



Android 4.4~6.0

"Biz Prefix" is an application that automatically added at the time of calling a prefix number that you set.
You can use as it is a phone number that is registered in the Android standard "contact book" application.

Functions and Features
· Prefix You can set up to five.
- "Biz Prefix" of the application "Contact" will display the name, which is enter a phone number in the "contact book" of standard applications.
• If you have originated from the "contact" of the "Biz Prefix" application, by applying the Prefix number that was used at the time of transmission, you can add registration automatically number to the standard of "contact book" application.
- "Biz Prefix" of the application "Contact" on the detail screen, you can display settings of local time of over the country of destination.
· It can be displayed in the "call history" to call from within the application "date" or "number of order" of the "Biz Prefix" application.

· Prefix but can be set to a maximum of 20 digits, outgoing possible number of digits depends on the model.
· Prefix symbols (, (comma) / * (asterisk) / # (Sharp), etc.) is also can be set, there may not be available depending on the model.
- Depending on the configuration number to, sign-up process to the service is required in advance.

How to Use
◆ PREFIX setting method
1. It will start the "Biz Prefix" application.
2. "Settings" and then select the [set the PREFIX] on the screen. "PREFIX List" selected [PREFIX add] the menu and then tap.
3. NAME in the "PREFIX setting", enter the PREFIX, and then tap [Finish].

Dialing type
◆ originating from a contact
1. "Contact" is displayed, and to get the data in the standard of contacts.
2. Tap the destination you want to call from the "contact".
3. Sent by tapping the icon of handset mark there from the "Contact" detail screen next to the subject of the phone number.
※ If you do have multiple settings PREFIX, the screen to select the PREFIX to be added at the time of transmission will be displayed.

◆ originating from the keypad
1. It will display the "keypad".
2. Enter the over telephone number, and then tap the Call icon.
※ If you do have multiple settings PREFIX, the screen to select the PREFIX to be added at the time of transmission will be displayed.

Supported OS
Android 4.4 ~ 6.0

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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