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【 グローバルWiFi アプリ概要 】
グローバルWiFi(GLOBALWiFi,global wifi,グローバルwifi,globalwifi,グローバルwi-fi,グローバルワイファイ)とは海外の主要なエリアで、現地通信網を利用してインターネット(パケット通信)ができる、海外用WiFiレンタルサービス(wifi レンタル)です。




【 主なプラン/キャンペーン 】

【 本アプリの特徴 】




■グローバルWiFi サイトURL :

[Global WiFi app Overview]
Global WiFi (GLOBALWiFi, global wifi, global wifi, globalwifi, global wi-fi, global Wi-Fi) in the major area of ​​overseas and, it is the Internet (packet communication) using the local communication network, WiFi rental service for overseas It is (wifi rental).

Comfortable Internet environment is achieved in less than half of the amount of international roaming of mobile phone company (Overseas packet Unlimited, etc.). What also safe business overseas travel because it corresponds to the more than 200 overseas area!
This application, including the application dedicated application benefits (coupon), is a convenient app notes and setting method, How to use WiFi router available at the time for overseas or such as troubleshooting method in the case where the communication does not lead has been published .

[... At a time like overseas travel and business trip]
- English you want to use a translation app because not speak, but packet fee is .... Relieved to use translation app more and more because the packet fee even if global WiFi of WiFi rental overseas is a straight-line basis.
- First trip abroad, because it is ... a straight-line basis, which try to do if lost, you can use more and more also map application without having to worry about the packet fee!
- Since the travel destination photo of can ... portable I want immediately send You can send anywhere, anytime.

◆ Notes on data roaming ◆
Global WiFi is a packet flat-rate but, in order to provide optimal communication quality and environment to all of our customers, we ask you to be where I am as much as possible refrain from excessive communication.
The excess of communication, is a service that becomes a large-capacity communication such as video streaming, large amounts of upload photos.

Main plan / campaign]
- Round the World Plan (uniform straight-line be carried out what Kekoku around the world)
Europe tour plan (straight-line Europe 47 countries uniform)
Asia tour plan (straight-line 16 Asian countries is uniform)
Other, the combined campaigns and discounts, such as from time to time held in the world of events.
Please help us to everyone of overseas travel and overseas business trip! ! !

Features of this app]
Once the application download and get use to the, it is convenient your application from the next time by the membership registration. To deliver the campaign information and announcements information. Even when having problems with your overseas and off-line content is rich, is possible troubleshooting. There are also benefits such as if from the app of your application "app Discount".
※ This app is free, but the WiFi router for overseas rental is paid.

Ltd. vision is, when the provision of the application,
We use the Repro for service improvement and development of new services.
In addition to this, it does not provide, send your information to a third party.
Handling in Repro is as follows.

Item of information to get: this application usage history.
It does not include information identifying the terminal unique ID and personal.
Third party provides: do not perform.
String pickled and personal information: Do not.
Privacy Policy:

Service contents of Repro

■ Global WiFi site URL:
※ Please note the similarity of skill in the art to provide the poor WiFi (low-speed Internet environment).

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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