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Mobiz Complete Retailâ„¢ is a comprehensive Android business app that lets you record sales transactions and payments, enter customers' orders (even for non-cashiers such as front line and wait staff) , make controlled sales discounts, sales refunds and merchandise exchanges as well as properly record stock transfers and stock receiving -- all on your smartphone or tablet. Sales receipts can be printed via compatible LAN or Bluetooth printers or simply emailed to customers. Online dashboards and reports are made available to unlimited number of authorized users so that your organization is always on-the-know and on the same page.

Mobiz makes it easy to do proper recording of sales and other inventory transactions. This means better loss prevention for cash, non-cash payments and merchandise inventory. In addition, Mobiz Complete Retail gives you better cost control by allowing you to physically count and reconcile inventory in your retail stores and warehouses -- in real-time using off-the-shelf Android smartphones or tablets. Inventory variances are automatically reported to authorized personnel through online dashboards and reports so that proper actions can be taken to prevent further inventory shrinkage.

The software package already includes free backend data libraries that lets you easily define your locations, customers, products, prices, discount rates, security access rights, authorized devices for your locations, employees, labor schedules and other important data. Product data can easily be uploaded via Excel worksheets and Mobiz quickly adapts to your unique product data specifications in mere minutes.

Mobiz Complete Retail is one of the very few POS suites that can work offline on your mobile device. Your business can go on even during Internet disruptions as the system can easily store and process thousands of SKU records and transactions in your devices' local databases. Transactional data on your devices are always flushed to our enterprise-grade servers to keep them safe and properly stored and centrally available to your organization.

Mobiz is built with security in mind. All Mobiz mobile apps use multi-factor authentication, multiple data encryption and other security techniques to keep your application and data safe from unauthorized persons. Data confidentiality is also legally ensured through our subscription agreement.

Mobiz can quickly and easily scale from 1 to 1,000 locations since all data and applications are stored and distributed from the cloud. Applications and data are kept consistent and fresh across all devices through Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. You simply update your data using your mobile device or desktop browser and these data are automatically pushed to your organization's authorized devices. You also get perpetual software and database upgrades whenever you have a live Mobiz subscription. Furthermore, hardware maintenance cycles and costs are kept to the barest minimum due to the ease of maintaining mobile devices.

Best of all, Mobiz Complete Retail comes at low subscription fees that let you enjoy these benefits quickly and easily without breaking the bank. And don't forget about all the significant cost savings you get from reduced hardware, maintenance, space and electricity costs.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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