1.4.9 Varies with device
The MoveShake system is a complete ecosystem that includes a central website with web design tools to create & design webCards and a mobile app to view & organize received webCards as well as send one's own webCards. The mobile app also provides templates and layouts to create basic design webCards.

A webCard is a digital card that uses industry standard web design technologies such HTML, CSS and Javascript to present an interactive digital graphical user interface (UI). A webCard may have navigation buttons or tabs that allow the card viewer to go from one screen to another, active links that allow the viewer to launch a smartphone's dialer or email client, functions to redirect the viewer to the contact's website or social media account, and active screen widgets that animate images, or slide or scroll images across the screen.

There are many advantages and benefits of the MoveShake system over existing digital card products. One of the most exciting ones is the open API and framework which allows web designers to create unlimited webCard designs. The website has a complete webCard design environment (the MoveShake Design Studio) that includes the API, the framework, and tools for web designers to design and create webCards. The ability to to create & design webCards means that web designers can have a new income stream. If you are a web designer, you can sell your webCard design services to your existing clients whom you've done web design work for. It's an extra cross-selling opportunity.

The MoveShake Design Studio provides a complete design environment (IDE) for webCard design, including tools such as a project workspace manager, a multi-page management screen, a code editor, a code validator & design preview screen, image file uploader, a third party framework loader (for frameworks such as jQuery, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, etc) and a webCard packager. The Design Studio also provides a framework and tools for web designers to design & create webCards. The framework includes meta HTML, CSS and Javascript files that provide webCard graphical presentation and navigation infrastructure. The framework also handles the loading & use of popular CSS and Javascript frameworks that help with web design, such as Bootstrap, jQuery, and Font Awesome. It also provides a security infrastructure to prevent rogue code from executing on a user's mobile device.

Another exciting component of the MoveShake system is the MoveShake app. The app allows users to design & create their own webCards, send or give out their webCards, as well as receive, store & organize webCards they have received. Since webCards are interactive, clicking on an active phone number on a business card webCard will launch the phone's dialer, while clicking on an active email address will launch a smartphone's email client or be saved to the phone's address book or Contacts database. A webCard can also have active links or buttons to the webCard owner's social media links and website.

Using the MoveShake app, a user can give their webCard via email, SMS/Text, or via NFC if the other user also has the MoveShake app. NFC tags or stickers can be used on paper business cards, conference badges and desktop business card dispensers to enable the MoveShake app to recognize & read them. A person using an NFC enabled MoveShake app can just allow others to swipe their smartphone near their NFC enabled badge or card dispenser to receive their webCard.

The app user guide is available here:

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0.3 and up

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