Simple Gas Properties
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About This App
Simple Gas Properties computes the natural gas properties in field units. It requires the Gas Specific Gravity (Sp. Gravity), pressure and temperature at which the gas was sampled. It also accounts for the non-hydrocarbon effects on the Z-factor.

Technical Description
Simple Gas Props uses the following methods:
1. Sutton correlations to find pseudocritical temperature and pressure.
2. Wichert and Aziz method to account for H2S and CO2 mol fractions
3. Z-factor is calculated using the user choice of either:
a. Hall and Yarborough correlation
b. Dranchuk and Abou-Kassem correlation
4. Gas compressibility (Cg) is calculated from real gas equation of state using the calculated Z-factor. It has the units of 1/psi.
5. Gas formation volume factor (Bg) is calculated from real gas equation state assuming surface pressure of 14.7 psia and temperature of 60F. Bg has the units of reservoir cubic ft by standard cubic ft.
6. Gas molecular weight (MW) is calculated from the specified specific gravity, and assumes molecular weight of air = 28.97.
7. Gas viscosity (μg) is calculated in the field units of centipoise (cp) using the user choice of:
a. Lee et al. correlation
b. Carr et al. with Dempsey correlation
8. Gas density (ρg) is calculated from the real gas equation of state using the computed Z-factor. It has the units of pounds per cubic feet.

About PetroSimple
PetroSimple Group is a dynamic startup owned by Fahd Siddiqui. Fahd is a petroleum engineer and an app developer, designing engineering apps for quick calculations on the go.

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Requires OS: 4.0.3 and up

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