Tikin.io Time Tracker
0.0.1 Varies with device
Track time periods and events of your employees and clients.
Log working times, projects duration, mark time points

Turn your phone into fast and flexible time tracker.
You don't need expensive and dedicated time recording devices to log work time in your business.

All you need is an Android phone with NFC support. Tikin.io also works with BLE Beacon technology.

Try Tikin time recording app for free.

It's so simple:
1. Install Tikin.io app on your phone, to turn it into a time tracker (Tikin.io supports unlimited number of such time trackers).
2. Create users (employees and co-workers) in web app (www.tikin.io) and assign them with NFC proximity cards.
3. Create any clocks (time periods) and events (time points) you wish to track (e.g., Work, Break, Project X, Item Y production etc.).
4. Place the phone (or several phones) in accessible place. Users can control their clocks and events right after they place their card to the time tracker. All collected data are sent to the cloud server, where you can analyze them with Tikin.io web app.

Remember: You don't have to have NFC card to test Tikin.io. If you have a contactless payment credit card (tap-to-pay card), you can use it for testing purposes. It works the same way. You don't have to worry about your savings - Tikin reads only card ID number. No other information is read or written.

You don't need to limit yourself to NFC cards only.
There is a more comfortable solution - Beacon BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Technology.

Turn users phones into individual time recorders with Tikin.io and Beacons - Users will use Tikin mobile app directly on their phones while in range of your Beacon zones

Beacons are small, inexpensive and low-power devices that allow e.g. detecting nearby phones. Thanks to using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, beacons can run for as long as couple of years on one charge.
Place your Beacons in places, where you want users to be able to control their clocks and events and let them install Tikin.io mobile app. With Beacon technology, system will detect users within several meters from registered Beacon and allow them to operate assigned clocks and events on their phones.

Main Tikin.io features:
✓ Free for small teams
✓ Swift start and low implementation cost of Tikin.io in your business
✓ You don't have to buy expensive and dedicated time recording devices or servers. You are good to go with an Android phone with NFC support or Bluetooth (when working with beacons) and internet connection
✓ Supports unlimited number of phones and transforms them into time recorders
✓ Supports unlimited number of clocks and events you can track
✓ Supports unlimited number of Beacon Zones
✓ Create, assign and restrict any clocks and events to persons, places or devices
✓ Access collected information any time from Tikin.io web app (www.tikin.io)
✓ Full history of registered clocks and events

Remember: In order to use Tikin.io app, you have to own a NFC proximity card or a Beacon. Unfortunately, some phones may be incompatible with certain NFC cards, despite the fact, that producer equipped a phone with NFC module. This is why we recommend acquiring inexpensive NTAG cards, which are supported by majority of NFC devices. You can buy them easily online.

If you want to use Bluetooth Beacon technology, you should acquire devices produced by Kontakt.io or Estimote.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.1 and up

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