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烘焙中『關鍵時刻』得靠烘焙師個人經驗, 憑嗅覺和聽覺下判斷,烘焙過程中曲折的瞬間,常常是稍縱即逝,令人扼腕 。
烘焙師努力追求『完美的烘焙曲線』, 期待能透過自己的烘焙技藝喚醒每一只咖啡獨有的產區風味靈魂。
Q.R.S. (Queen Roaster System) Queen烘焙研究系統 時代來臨....
烘焙如時光一般不可逆,卻可藉由烘焙曲線(履歷)去追朔烘焙過程中的每個環節, 我們導入P.D.C.A(計畫/執行/檢核/改善)的品管改善流程加以循環優化。
Q.R.S.烘焙研究系統 能看見烘焙當中即時的溫、濕度與烘焙參數變化,系統對舊曲線(計畫)與新狀態(執行)進行即時運算, 提供預警,導航,相似度比對…等烘焙輔助功能,對烘焙結果進行檢核與改善流程。

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Baked beans is irreversible process, .....
Baking in the "critical moment" bakers rely on personal experience, with the sense of smell and hearing judge under baking process tortuous moments, often fleeting, distraught.
Bakers strive for "the perfect baking curve," expect to wake up each producing a unique flavor of coffee only soul through his own baking skills.
QRS (Queen Roaster System) Queen Baking Research Systems era ....
Baking time is generally irreversible, such as, but it can be baked curve (CV) to be traced in every aspect of the baking process, we import the PDCA (plan / execute / vetting / improvement) processes to improve quality control loop optimization.
QRS baking research systems able to see them instant baking temperature, humidity and baking parameters, the system on the old curve (plan) and the new state (execution) for immediate operation, provide early warning, navigation, similarity than ... other baked Accessibility of baking results vetting and improving processes.
R & D is concerned with the production and quality control, stable reproduction of similarity, can significantly reduce the risk and cost of baking

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