Glympse - Share GPS location
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Bug fixes and minor enhancements.
New Glympse Private Groups: This release includes a preview of our new private groups feature that allows you to set up an invite-only based group in which all members can see each other on a single map. For instance, set up your family group, and make it easy to keep in touch with your family members with a single share or request to everyone at once! Simply create a new group by adding members, naming the group and sending!
Note: All users of private groups must verify their phone numbers for additional security.

Phone number verification: Now verify and link your phone number to your Glympse profile and use across all your devices.

Glympse is a fast, free and simple way to share your real-time location using GPS tracking, with any of your family, friends or co-workers!

Send a Glympse to let friends and family know you are on your way. Request a Glympse from a colleague who is always running late. Set up a Glympse group for your family reunion.

Those you share with can view your Glympse from any web-enabled device, no sign-up required!

Download Glympse today!

App Features:

+ Easy: no sign-up required
+ Safe: your Glympse automatically expires
+ Live: share location in real time with dynamic map
+ Open: share with anyone – no app required to view
+ Passive: runs in the background
+ Global: works anywhere you have GPS and a data connection

Use Glympse to:
+ coordinate a social night out with friends
+ let your spouse know your ETA when you’ll be home from work
+ let your family know you are safe while running or cycling
+ find friends at a concert festival
+ provide a courtesy notice with ETA to a client when stuck in traffic
+ share a charity run route with followers on Facebook or Twitter
+ direct emergency or roadside personnel to you quickly

~~~ AWARDS & PRESS ~~~
+ 2014 Webby Award Winner
+ "[Glympse] is one of those apps that’s ingenious in its simplicity, insanely handy to have around, and just a little bit fun to boot." – CNET Reviews
+ "Glympse: The Coolest Thing Your Smartphone Can Do" – Fast Company
+ Named one of "15 Best Mobile Apps of 2011" – Mashable

• We LOVE TO HEAR FROM CUSTOMERS. If you have an issue or suggestion, please send us a note using the "Send us Feedback" feature in the app under Settings.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: Varies with device

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Jul 22, 2014

In general, I really liked this app. One of the great things about it is that you can show others where you are without them having to download the app. It'll just run in their phone's web browser. Only if they then want to share their location will they have to download the app. It worked great for me when trying to locate/ or be located by individuals in my group. I just couldn't quite seem to get a handle on how to get all of the people in my group of 5, to appear on each others maps by using the Group Glympse.

No need to worry about setting a Glympse and forgetting its on. You are forced to choose an expiration timer of between 15 min and 4 hours. The default is 15 min. I always appreciate when companies set the default option to maximize privacy.

Another neat feature is that if you send someone a Glympse that has a specific destination entered, upon arrival it will let everyone know you've arrived and ask if you'd like to stop broadcasting to conserve batter power. As with any GPS and Data reliant app its a battery drain.

One feature I feel that it lacks is that if someone sends you a Glympse of their location, you have to then go thru the process of selecting them to send a Glympse back showing you location. There should be a quick way quick way to just send them one right back. I can't imagine many scenarios where one would want to share your location info without having access to the others persons

Another thing I found potentially useful is that when someone sends you a Glympse, you are offered an option to create a route to their location. When selected, Glympse kicks the coordinates over to your Navigation app and calculates a route. I'm guessing this would only be useful if the person is stationary. Maybe in the future it will be able to auto update and re-route two individuals that are trying to rendezvous at a non-specific location.

Overall, pretty cool. There's a definite need for this kind of software and this app fills that need. I just have to figure out how to use it a little more effectively in a group scenario.

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Jul 22, 2014

As a former google latitude user I was pleased to find a replacement after the service was discontinued.

This app is quite simple to use and helped our group of friends stay in touch during a recent road trip.

I definitely recommend Glympse for your location tracking needs.

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