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Luigi Notaro
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A Magic Square is a matrix arrangement of numbers, usually integers, such that the sum of the numbers in all rows, all columns and both diagonals is always the same constant.
This constant sum is called Magical Constant or Magical Sum, while the number of numbers for each row and column defines the so called order of the Square.

Magical and mathematical properties of Magic Squares were acknowledged in China, India and the Middle East thousands of years ago, spreading up in Europe. They were known as Kamea in Hebrew.

In his De Occulta Philosophia, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa wrote about the magical virtues of seven magical squares of orders 3 to 9, each connected with one of the seven Planets.

Agrippa’s Magical Squares entered in the Western magical tradition and they continue to be used even today in differents magical paths - from Cerimonial Magic to Wicca.
Kameas are usually used as a pattern upon which to construct Magical Sigils, intended for use to call Spirits of differents kind or as powerful Talismans. Those Sigils represents the essence of the Formula they bring cyphered.

Kamea Sigils Free is an App for Android(TM) to draw yours Sigils in a tap.

Just choose the order of the Square in accordance with the planetary powers you want to tap in and type the Formula you want to cypher. You can then customize the Kamea Sigil, choosing colors and thickness.
Then save your Sigil and add it to your Sigil Gallery to view it later.

- Free version! with Ads
- Create your Kamea Sigils easily: choose the kind of Magic Square, type the Formula and you’re done!
- Customize your Kamea Sigil: choose the color for the Square lines, for the background and for the Sigil; choose the thickness for the lines
- The Sigil is created by traditional cyphering process, each letter of the Formula being converted in a cipher from 1 to 9 and then traced on the Magic Square, beginning with a circle and ending with a stroke
- Save your Sigils to view them later on Sigils Gallery (Free version limitation: 10 saved Sigils limit)
- Check the About screen for information and to get the links to Kamea Sigils FB fanpage and G+ profile
- Localized in English and Italian
- ICS look and feel

Check the Store for the full version!

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.1 and up

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